Message from the President & CEO

Thank you for your interest in ACE.
ACE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION is an international trading company which bases on the East Asia region, can help your businesses develop quickly and smoothly expanding to the world.
Active, Creative, Exciting! Three initials "A C E" represent our attitude towards business.
In 1993 ... ACE was established in Kyoto, Japan. Since then, we have been expanding our business from the headquarters as the center. Now our business is expanding in China, and had set up our important sales base in Shanghai, developing business at a global scale.

The biggest advantage of the trading company to take part in the important business is "security".
As professional who overcome various obstacles in international trade, our duty is to provide the "safe", "reliable" and "advanced" services to the customers with rapid judgment and strong bargaining power.

We are Clean and Legal
We are Secure and Trustworthy
We are Efficient and Reasonable

ACE insists on being a sincere company trusted by all customers, business partners and employees. We hereby promise to do our best to create a prosperous future for you.

Atsuko Cho
President & CEO

Jan 1, 2020